Beaver With Hockey Stick Drawing
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(Very) Rough Sketch Sneak-Preview

Here is a bit of a secret look at the next project I am working on. These are a set of character sketches for some upcoming work.  I’m trying to find some characteristics that I like enough to put into my next composition. After spending so much time last piece on a composition I wasn’t crazy about, I’m going to be planning much more!

I can’t say too much about this now, but more to come soon!

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Brand New Soapbox

It seems like I’ve been posting a lot of school work up here lately!  Classes have been really picking up for me so it’s been a bit easier throwing some projects up that I already have digital copies of.  (Though I’ve just scanned a bunch of sketches for this post.)

This is a project we worked on in class a few months ago.  We were to create a podium for a standard classroom environment, with enough room for a monitor, desktop computer, keyboard, mouse, and everything else needed for day to day instruction.

I tried to create a modular system that allowed shelves to be added or removed depending on how many were needed.  Each shelf has a cutout on the back right side to allow for computer cords to pass through, bundling them neatly.

Check out the thumbnails below to see a few of my ideation sketches.  Some of them were pretty fun to come up with!


This final image shows the keyboard tray extended.  I left the computer hardware un-rendered in the first image to bring a bit more attention to the podium itself, so I decided to render it all in the image below.  

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Toyo Ito Dog Bed

Here is a project I worked on with Christina Sicoli.  We designed a dog bed based on the the work of contemporary architect Toyo Ito.

One thing that this project taught me was the importance of planning.  We spent a ton of time drawing out ideas and possible designs. It was great working with another person, it forced us to communicate our ideas well and make sure we were on the same page for each decision.  As you can see below, we had a lot of decisions to make!

Here are some of our many sketches:

The idea was to create an architectural form that emerged out of the ground, much like Toyo Ito’s design for Grin Grin Park in Japan.  These are some views of our sketch models:

We ended up using blue foam to shape the form, and covered it in fiber glass.  It was so much fun!  It was a crazy learning curve as neither of us had used fiber glasses before.

Below is a video of our process.  If you look closely you can see my hands in some of the shots. ;)  I have to give a huge amount of credit to Christina for this, she edited the whole thing and did a really good job.

 Here are some more images of the completed bed, click on them to enlarge:

We ended up selling the bed at auction during ‘Pets in the Park,’ a fundraiser for the Edmonton Humane Society.  Glad to see it going to a good cause, I hope the owner is happy with it!