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Unexpected Day

So!  I was supposed to be on campus today, but it is Labour Day, aka, no transit is running.  And of course,  it is a truth universally acknowledged, that a man in possession of an unexpected day off, must be in want of spontaneous creativity.

I walked down to the river and the sun was out, the birds were flying, and the trees were just starting to turn.  I couldn’t not draw! (so I did)

The photo at the beginning of this post was actually taken after the sketch was complete, so I am pleased with how the perspective turned out, it can really throw me sometimes!

There is a guy on Urban Sketchers who draws pictures of buildings and stuff, frames it, and then leaves it at the scene of the sketch.  Understanding that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I tried it out myself.  I walked to Zellers, bought a cheap frame, and yeah, placed it on this bridge overlooking the scene Idrew.

Here is one last photo of the frame on the bridge.

drawing, sketchbook, sketching

A Weekend Banana

Da-da-da-DRAWING!  Here is a sketch I drew last weekend while watching two older asian ladies relaxing in the summer air at a park near campus.  

I had actually drawn the tents first, and then the people second.  I decided to turn it into a full page drawing after I had already started, but I don’t mind the composition at all.  Funny how those things just turn out some times.  Coool.