Beaver With Hockey Stick Drawing
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(Very) Rough Sketch Sneak-Preview

Here is a bit of a secret look at the next project I am working on. These are a set of character sketches for some upcoming work.  I’m trying to find some characteristics that I like enough to put into my next composition. After spending so much time last piece on a composition I wasn’t crazy about, I’m going to be planning much more!

I can’t say too much about this now, but more to come soon!

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Here are some drawings I did a while ago in a few model sessions.  I found that during the periods where I was doing live model sessions my drawing skills improved faster than any other point in my life.

I loved working on this top drawing.  It just has a freedom and looseness to it.  Some days I feel like I really need to fight with the piece I’m working on, but this one was a joy.

Working large, and fast, was a great experience, and doing it all from a live model meant that I really had to develop the ability to make tough decisions involving perspective and value.

I still have a difficult time with faces.  (Check out my first post ever for more on that) But I have been noticing that the process is becoming more and more intuitive.

In these bottom two drawings I tried to manipulate the background to add contrast to the figure in the foreground.  Where the figure is light, the background is dark, and vice versa.

So!  Christmas break is coming.  I was thinking of maybe challenging myself to sketch a face a day, or 50 faces or something over the course of the break.  Not sure exactly what I will do, 50 seems a bit ambitious, but it would be a great way to keep my hand sharp over the holidays.

Let me know what you think!

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5 self portraits

Here are 5 self portraits I worked on a while ago.  They increase in focus and definition from the first to the last, and I must say, I had a ton of fun working on these.  I used all kinds of charcoal, ink, and conte, a large paintbrush, a box cutter, and even a dustpan broom to make them.

The image below is of the studio as I was working.  Check out the powders and ink splashes on the floor.

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Literal Video Game Characters

Here is a comic I made for my friend Zarj’s web comic  He is having some guest-writers, and I got invited.  If you don’t understand it, I’m sorry, but its okay, you may just need to play a few more video games.

As you can tell the sketches are kinda quick, but you know how I love any chance to use a good pun!  It might be nice to go back in and do a more developed rendering in the drawings, but it totally works for now.


For those who don’t, or haven’t, played many video games, here are the characters used:

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When you’ve worked all your life for something…

…you don’t know what to do when you succeed.

Here is something I whipped together a few days ago. Its just a bit of a play on the common, chase-me-always type skits in the old Warner Borthers cartoons.

I began by sketching out the characters on 11 x 15 paper. I decided to sketch out each element individually, ink them on the paper with a bit of watered down Chinese Ink, and then add them together on the computer.

Here is a look at the hand done stuff

I then drew out some text, and brought everything together in photoshop.  The whole thing took maybe two hours from initial sketching to final product.

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Husk vs Tusk

      Here is a bit more work on an idea I’ve been churning out.  I really have enjoyed the sketches so far, hopefully I stay motivated.  The basic idea is that the thing growing from the animals head is one letter off from what should actually be there.  Hopefully that is communicated okay.

Cool!  I’ll post more if it progresses.