Beaver With Hockey Stick Drawing
drawing, illustration, sketches

(Very) Rough Sketch Sneak-Preview

Here is a bit of a secret look at the next project I am working on. These are a set of character sketches for some upcoming work.  I’m trying to find some characteristics that I like enough to put into my next composition. After spending so much time last piece on a composition I wasn’t crazy about, I’m going to be planning much more!

I can’t say too much about this now, but more to come soon!

img030 copy



2 thoughts on “(Very) Rough Sketch Sneak-Preview

  1. Charlotte says:

    Hey there I was wondering if you did screen prints of your drawings or would be possible to get one? I really like your shrew scribblings (!) and a screen print of the characteristics plus a drawing of one put together on a screen print would be perfect for a present I am looking for (very long story!). If at all possible please let me know! Thanks

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