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Brand New Soapbox

It seems like I’ve been posting a lot of school work up here lately!  Classes have been really picking up for me so it’s been a bit easier throwing some projects up that I already have digital copies of.  (Though I’ve just scanned a bunch of sketches for this post.)

This is a project we worked on in class a few months ago.  We were to create a podium for a standard classroom environment, with enough room for a monitor, desktop computer, keyboard, mouse, and everything else needed for day to day instruction.

I tried to create a modular system that allowed shelves to be added or removed depending on how many were needed.  Each shelf has a cutout on the back right side to allow for computer cords to pass through, bundling them neatly.

Check out the thumbnails below to see a few of my ideation sketches.  Some of them were pretty fun to come up with!


This final image shows the keyboard tray extended.  I left the computer hardware un-rendered in the first image to bring a bit more attention to the podium itself, so I decided to render it all in the image below.  


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