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Well!  Its that time of year again, students all around the world are hitting the books and preparing for final exams… or in my case, painting.  Here are a few things I’ve been working on (almost exclusively) over the last few days, I hope you enjoy!

Above is a partially completed work, you can check out the bottom of this post for the finished product.

Painting really was a challenge for me this year.  Just the amount of work required is quite staggering, each painting ranges more or less from 1 to 8+ hours. (Well okay, only one was 8+.)  I’m sure I could have dropped all my other courses this year and still have been busy with it, check out the pile of stuff I have on the floor too.  My focus in school is definitely design though, so I think there were a few times where painting took a bit of a back seat to other projects.  That being said, I did work really hard, and there are some where I surprised myself with what was done.

This one above is the ceiling of the studio, the goal was to capture a sense of architectural space.  I like it because it seems almost abstract at first, but there is still a quality of depth and area.  This was done fairly early after midterm and I really began to notice an improvement in my work after this painting.  It was a bit of a turning point from the stuff I was working on before it, which was, I must say, extremely frustrating.

Below is a reproduction from a Jenny Saville section and I love the way it turned out.  The colours are a bit low-key, but thats okay, its a pleasant change from my normally bright work.

And finally, here is the completed version of the very first image I showed.  It is a reproduction of a Catherine Kehoe self portrait.  A big, yet subtle, change from the image at the very top is the sizing, placement, and colour of the eyes.  Its amazing how the smallest alterations can move an image from something that doesn’t read well to a more finished coherant piece.

The quality of the photos is lacking a bit, I took them with my cell phone camera.  The studio is locked for the next week or so while we are graded though, so this is the best I will probably have until after the Christmas break.


Blast from the past

I’ve decided to post the application portfolio I used two years ago to get into my program at school.  This is definitely some older stuff, but thats okay.  Keep your eyes open for the bird with the dinosaur tail!

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Brand New Soapbox

It seems like I’ve been posting a lot of school work up here lately!  Classes have been really picking up for me so it’s been a bit easier throwing some projects up that I already have digital copies of.  (Though I’ve just scanned a bunch of sketches for this post.)

This is a project we worked on in class a few months ago.  We were to create a podium for a standard classroom environment, with enough room for a monitor, desktop computer, keyboard, mouse, and everything else needed for day to day instruction.

I tried to create a modular system that allowed shelves to be added or removed depending on how many were needed.  Each shelf has a cutout on the back right side to allow for computer cords to pass through, bundling them neatly.

Check out the thumbnails below to see a few of my ideation sketches.  Some of them were pretty fun to come up with!


This final image shows the keyboard tray extended.  I left the computer hardware un-rendered in the first image to bring a bit more attention to the podium itself, so I decided to render it all in the image below.