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Here are some drawings I did a while ago in a few model sessions.  I found that during the periods where I was doing live model sessions my drawing skills improved faster than any other point in my life.

I loved working on this top drawing.  It just has a freedom and looseness to it.  Some days I feel like I really need to fight with the piece I’m working on, but this one was a joy.

Working large, and fast, was a great experience, and doing it all from a live model meant that I really had to develop the ability to make tough decisions involving perspective and value.

I still have a difficult time with faces.  (Check out my first post ever for more on that) But I have been noticing that the process is becoming more and more intuitive.

In these bottom two drawings I tried to manipulate the background to add contrast to the figure in the foreground.  Where the figure is light, the background is dark, and vice versa.

So!  Christmas break is coming.  I was thinking of maybe challenging myself to sketch a face a day, or 50 faces or something over the course of the break.  Not sure exactly what I will do, 50 seems a bit ambitious, but it would be a great way to keep my hand sharp over the holidays.

Let me know what you think!


9 thoughts on “D-d-d-drawings!

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence Chris! I think I might make an extra section of this blog to track my progress. I’m thinking of mixing up the media and approach (some blind contour etc) to keep it interesting.

    • Thanks! The majority of the first one is done in conte (Black, red, and white). There is a bit of blue pastel and some compressed charcoal as well. (It was a messy one to work on!)

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