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Literal Video Game Characters

Here is a comic I made for my friend Zarj’s web comic www.zarj.tk.  He is having some guest-writers, and I got invited.  If you don’t understand it, I’m sorry, but its okay, you may just need to play a few more video games.

As you can tell the sketches are kinda quick, but you know how I love any chance to use a good pun!  It might be nice to go back in and do a more developed rendering in the drawings, but it totally works for now.


For those who don’t, or haven’t, played many video games, here are the characters used:


Pulse Wristwatch

Here is a project I worked on last year.  I was just getting used to 3D-modeling, so It was a pretty fun project, although it came with a steep learning curve!

It is a conceptual watch design.  Hopefully the images will speak for themselves!

Click the images below to get a larger view of the process.

It was kind of fun trying to re-think the traditional idea of telling time, and like I said earlier, it was a great way to hone my 3d modeling skills.

Let me know, would you wear it?