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Songs that make me think about God

A bit of a change from the regular today, I thought I would post a few songs which seem to really have a striking honesty in their lyrics.

“And I have filled this void with things unreal,
And all the while my character it steals”


“Love that will not betray you, dismay or enslave you,
It will set you free
Be more like the man you were made to be.
There is a design,
An alignment to cry,
At my heart you see,
The beauty of love as it was made to be”

I have seen areas of my own life where I have traded away my own character, and to find an artist expressing the same experiences is, well, refreshing.

Here are a few of my favorite songs:

If you want even more you can check out here and here 

Great!  More drawings coming soon.

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Pails and Camels

Here are a few things I’ve been working on lately.  I’ve had a lot of fun working with ink the last little while, I like how many different layers of color and opacity you can get with it.

For this second image I used the same ground I used previously in this piece.  The camels are hand drawn, or painted I guess, but I used some vector images for reference. 

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Prison Cell Phone (part 3)

Alright!  Almost finished I think.  I’ve added some shadows to the phone to help it occupy space a bit better.  After a bit of online feedback I also re-positioned the pupils of the numbers’ eyes, drawing the eye of the viewer into the image rather than out of it.  What great advice!  Check it.  

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Prison Cell Phone

Heres some stuff I’ve been working on today.  About two hours into it I would say.   I hope the idea speaks for itself!  lol.  The title is Cell Phone.After sketching it out roughly I scanned it into my computer, enlarged it, and printed it out again for inking.  I photographed a pen in each photo to try and give a sense of scale.  


Here it is with some rough block colouring inserted in photoshop.


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When you’ve worked all your life for something…

…you don’t know what to do when you succeed.

Here is something I whipped together a few days ago. Its just a bit of a play on the common, chase-me-always type skits in the old Warner Borthers cartoons.

I began by sketching out the characters on 11 x 15 paper. I decided to sketch out each element individually, ink them on the paper with a bit of watered down Chinese Ink, and then add them together on the computer.

Here is a look at the hand done stuff

I then drew out some text, and brought everything together in photoshop.  The whole thing took maybe two hours from initial sketching to final product.


I’m going to sit on a dinosaur

I thought I would post some photos outlining the process I used to design a small stool for children a few months ago.

I started out doing some research into what elements I thought would be interesting to use in my design.  Here are some of the images I found that really intrigued me.  In particular what caught my attention was the ability to use punches of colour on an otherwise naturally finished piece of furniture to really make it pop.  Since I was working on a childrens stool I thought, I must use colour!

From there I started doodling and sketching any idea that came into my head.  This is such an important part of the creative process for me because it allows my ideas to flow unedited.  Often one idea that I have which isn’t very good can lead to a set of ideas that ends up with my final design.  As you can see, the sketches are pretty rough, but its good as it allows me to get them on paper without worrying too much about the logistics.

From here I moved into Rhino and started 3D modeling the stool.  This was a useful step for me as it helped my process the idea in three dimensions.  If you don’t know how to use CAD software, this next step isn’t 100% necessary, I just found it helpful for myself.  It also allowed me to play around with colour combinations.

As you can see, the side view of the stool reveals the negative space shape of a dinosaur, a different one depending on which side you view.

The next step, before heading into the shop was to whip up some quick sketch models.  Sometimes things can look great on paper, but don’t always work so well once constructed.  Rather than find this out halfway through construction, I tested some things out with these makeshift guys, namely how sturdy the geometry of the stool was.

Finally, after all that, its time for construction!  the pieces below aren’t actually parts of the stool themselves, but are router templates.  From that basic shape I was able to reproduce the inside shape over and over, much faster than eyeballing it every time on the bandsaw!

From there the rest was pretty straight forward. Follow template, sand, paint, assemble.  It was still quite a bit of work doing all that, especially with all the sanding that was required, but while it was time consuming, it was more or less simple.

Here is the finished product!