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My Rabbit is a Monster

A few months ago I had an assignment in school to create a set of repeating tiles.  I loved the assignment itself, and during the initial idea process I came up with a few concepts that I didn’t get to try in class.  So!  What better time to try them out than during the summer.

I started out with a few sketches of ideas in my sketchbook.  After settling on the two tiles that I liked the most I set out to draw them in a more finished fashion.

By far, the most important thing to remember is the entry points on the edges!  Rulers and measurements are sooo important, if you are careful now it will save you a ton of headache later on.

Using photoshop (especially the grid overlay) I fixed up the drawings a bit, tweaking the entrypoints and smoothing out the artwork itself.   By creating two seperate files of perfectly square tiles, you set yourself up for easy placement and rotation later on.

Once you have a tile you can start repeating them on a larger canvas size, seeing them repeat and connect.

And then, since all the entry points are in the same location, its time to do the most exciting part… rotation!  I love seeing the patterns and possibilities that form.

And that is all there is to it really.  You can begin inserting the second tile where you would like, rotating left and right, adding color, and whatever else your imagination will allow you to do.

Here is another look at the final (maybe?) tile combination I’ve worked up.


7 thoughts on “My Rabbit is a Monster

  1. Hi,, just came here after reading your lovely comment in my blog…
    I must say that I adored reeding your post, adored the title too! I don’t know how long you have been blogging yet, there are not so many posts in this blog, but I hope you will post quite often! Your drawing and writing style are very enjoyable… I will lafbok you right now… and guess what: although I have been blogging for a long time, you will be the first one I subscribe to!!!

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