drawing, sketching

real men draw plants

I had the chance to get outside today and man, it was sooooo nice out.

I drew up a bush, or shrub (can shrubs have flowers?) or whatever that was in my backyard.  I’ve been trying to use a wider variety of media lately, my sketchbooks now are primarily pen and pencil.

Watercolor scares me a bit, I tend to only use it to fill in sketches, but soon I know I should just jump off the wharf and do some stuff solely in watercolor.


2 thoughts on “real men draw plants

  1. Yes, bushes can have flowers. Go ahead ….. jump off ….. watercolor is incredibly fun when you let it do what it is capable of doing. When you are tight and controlling, you can get great results (if you do it well) but it isn’t nearly as much fun. Pen and ink, or pencil and ink, with splashes of watercolor make the heart sing! Have fun. If you’re not having fun, you aren’t giving the medium enough freedom to express itself.

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