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real men draw plants

I had the chance to get outside today and man, it was sooooo nice out.

I drew up a bush, or shrub (can shrubs have flowers?) or whatever that was in my backyard.  I’ve been trying to use a wider variety of media lately, my sketchbooks now are primarily pen and pencil.

Watercolor scares me a bit, I tend to only use it to fill in sketches, but soon I know I should just jump off the wharf and do some stuff solely in watercolor.

drawing, painting, photoshop, sketchbook

a mountie is on my skirt!

I thought I could post a few things that really got me started out with design and photoshop.  (Although, really, I am still just getting started out.)

One thing I really enjoy doing is taking sketches and pieces that I am already over and done with, and re-mixing them on my computer.  Here I have two images scanned from one of my earlier sketchbooks.  I hadn’t intended for either of these images to go beyond their initial states, but thats what is so great about sketchbook, you have all your stuff in one place to use and re-use!  This is one of my very first photoshop projects.  It’s also worth noting how I completely avoided drawing faces… I HATED drawing faces.

The first is a basic outline drawn from a newspaper add I think.  Crayola markers for the win.

sketchbook walker

The second is a small watercolor painting of a Mountie from a travel Canada magazine.

And, after some work on the computer, voila!

Kinda cool, still has a soft spot in my heart.  Let me know what you think!